Schooling You To Become A Barber

In an ideal world not only does everybody get to be an artist but everybody gets to earn his keep as well. But in the real world, not everyone gets there. You’ve heard what the wise old man said to his dreaming son. By all means, practice your art. But keep your day job. Such is life. Conventionally-speaking, in the real world, not everyone gets to be a movie star, a bestselling writer, a painter of landscapes or an opera star. These are all artistic genres from which a living could be derived.

But there are numerous other trades to which any young man or woman could turn to where he or she could still practice some form of artistry. For instance, instead of being a fine artist painting landscapes in the fields, he could be doing well as a painting contractor, painting people’s houses, inside and out. He could take barber school lancaster pa lessons and start weaving a little artistic magic on the scalps of men’s heads with nothing but a fine pair of scissors.

And a good chat about the weather, the latest set of ballgame results and match-fixing allegations, the latest shenanigans of everybody’s favorite politicians they love to hate, the election season, if there’s one coming up, who to vote for, who not to vote for, or a philosophical discussion on why bother to vote at all. That’s all part of the beauty of being a barber. Not only do you get to practice an ancient art.

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You also get to spend time with chaps you sometimes even become friends with. This is great if you’re also a people’s person. You might not know this now but many men visit their local barber not because they need a haircut but because they feel like having another good gossip.