Where Have All Good Teachers Gone?

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The moment public and government authorities hit the panic buttons in times of financial distress and widespread economic slumps that result in them not being able to grow their own revenue streams – owing to an incapacity to collect taxes, service tenders for public service improvements, and the like – it somehow always seems to be that it is the teachers that are the first to go. And now where have all the experienced teachers spicewood tx located gone?

All those experienced teachers who realized years ago that they were not merely entering the job markets to collect what was then a stable monthly check but were going to live up to their calling or their vocation have not given up teaching. As they say, and teachers would have told their young high school students this, there are many ways to skin a cat. They never wanted to stop teaching. What were they to do otherwise?

So here is what a lot of them did. They went into private practice. If it happened to them in the last few years, the layoffs would have been perfectly timed because here you have the online environment. Today, all those seasoned teachers are able to reach out to a lot more hungry students. These are young men and women who are thirsting for knowledge and cringing with ambition to achieve their high school diplomas.

These are the youngsters who are going to side-step working at the checkout counters and takeout joints (not that there really is anything wrong with that, but just saying) and go on to college and strive for higher goals. It is never easy to study in this day and age. But with good teachers in tow, nothing seems impossible to them anymore.