Why Choose A Charter School Over Traditional Schools?

The education of our children is very important.  What our children learn in the classroom will reflect everything that they will be able to do and achieve later in life.  For many the question of sending their children to a public school or a charter school weighs heavy on their minds.  Minnesota Charter Schools were the first to appear in the nation and have been the standard as to which all charter schools are modeled.

No Admission or fees

Charter schools don’t have any admission or other fees.  They are funded by the government but operate in their own way.  Children who wish to attend a charter school don’t have to live in a geographical boundary.  This opens up the possibilities for anyone in the state to attend these schools.

Select capacity

Charter schools take students based on capacity to educate.  What this means is that they don’t discriminate against, race, age, sex etc.  If the school reaches capacity or close to capacity then a lottery system will be implemented in order to fill the remaining slots for that school year.


Charter schools are funded on a fix per pupil basis.  So for example if one hundred students were to attend a school then the state would only pay for those one hundred students.  There would be no other funding that would be applied to the school. Charter schools will rely on grants, awards and donations heavily to stay open and pay teachers.


A charter school is run by a group of members or organizations.  These groups select the specific education, books, and more that the students will learn.  This opens the doors to a wide range of advanced and specialized classes that will help enrich your children’s education and more.  The charter school is run by a document known as a charter, hence the name.  This charter states the rules and regulations in which they will operate.

Many of the classes that a charter school will focus on are art, music, S.T.E.M., Montessori, and IB.  They are still required to teach their students to the high state standards of education and hire state certified teachers.  Students will also need to take and pass the state issued standardized tests in order to move forward in their education.

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Deciding on the best education

The education of our children isn’t something we can decide on overnight.  Taking time to consider all of your options, visiting the schools, looking at their books, materials and more will allow you as a parent better information to make your decisions.

Allowing your child to also visit the school, talk to the teachers and look at the materials as well will help them want to learn more and get the best education they can. Allowing them to find and choose the school that best fits their learning style and classes they wish to take will also increase the odds they will absorb the material, retain it for testing as well as apply it in and out of the classroom.